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Welcome to iProtect...

iProtect Asset Tracking and Remote Asset Monitoring provides low cost GPRS/GSM/Satellite solutions in a Web Based Real Time Format                

iProtect Technology

iProtect MultiTrack modem offers a combination of GPS tracking, 4 programmable signal inputs and outputs that can be programmed to operate remote equipment

Free Demonstration

iProtect can arrange a complete online web demonstration with our sales team either over the phone or login when convenient to browse the system...

A little about what we do...
iProtect offers unique protection solutions for customers who need to know where their capital equipment and staff are globally.
iProtect employs a number of technologies including the latest GSM/GPRS and D+ Satellite technology to provide cost effective global tracking or remote control of devices via SMS or Web.
iProtect designs and implements solutions for customers anywhere in the world and provides a central network mirrored operations centre based in Queensland, Australia.
iProtect utilises Real Time mapping so you can see your assetís location immediately. No need to send an SMS for itís location, ideal for secure shipments, asset protection and personal management.